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Designer Inspired PU Handbag
Rina Rich Handbag Trendy Pu Handbag....
Item# R719   $8.00

Canvas/PU picture Bag
Canvas/pu Picture Bag....
Item# 9216   $17.00

Betty Boop Small Bag with Multi colored Print on it.
Betty Boopp Handbag Betty Boop Small Bag With Mult....
Item# HB-2208B   $12.00

Hand Beaded Evening Bag
Hand Beaded Evening Bag....
Item# SY2364   $20.00

Designer Inspired Genuine Leather Rounded Bottom Handbag with single adjustable shoulder strap and square shaped stitching.
Genuine Leather Bag Trendy Genuine Leather Rounded....
Item# OTL7759   $18.50

PVC Picture Handbag with Girl & flamingo design in multi colors. Double shoulder handle.
PVC Picture Bag with Girl & Flamingo design Pvc Picture Handbag With Girl ....
Item# 5005   $12.00

Betty Boop PVC Check Book cove
Betty Boop Check book cover Betty Boop Pvc Check Book Cove....
Item# CK-2274-1   $7.00

Designer Inspired Shoulder Bag with multiple exterior pockets with zipper closure and a double handle. Bag has metallic texture, belts, chains, and zipper details. Made of PU (polyurethane)
Metallic Handbag with Zipper and Belts Details Trendy Shoulder Bag With Multi....
Item# DE0592   $17.00

Designer Inspired metallic shoulder bag with a double handle and a zipper closure. Exterior pockets with belts and zipper details adorn the bag. Made of PU (polyurethane).
Hanging Chains Detail Metallic Shoulder Bag Trendy Metallic Shoulder Bag W....
Item# DE0596   $18.00

Designer Inspired Metallic Shoulder Bag with top zipper closure, double shoulder straps, two side open pockets with drawstring closure & two front zipper pockets. Chain accents in the front. Made of PU (polyurethane).
Metallic Spacious Shoulder Bag Trendy Metallic Shoulder Bag W....
Item# DE0595   $18.00

Evening Bag
Evening Bag....
Item# 636R   $10.00

Betty Boop Route 66 Bag
Betty Boop Route 66 Bag....
Item# HB-1072M   $15.00

Betty Boop BackPack with double handle. Made with PU (polyurethane) and zipper closure.
Betty Boop Backpack Betty Boop Backpack With Doubl....
Item# HB-2024PT   $19.00

Genuine Leather PassPort cover
Passport Cover Genuine Leather Passport Cover....
Item# CM-1065   $2.50

Soft Leather Look Handbag with
Rina Rich Handbag Soft Leather Look Handbag With....
Item# P309   $12.00

I Love Lucy Bucket Bag with fury feather like accnets. Bag has a double handle. Made of PU (polyurethane).
I Love Lucy Bucket Bag I Love Lucy Bucket Bag With Fu....
Item# HB-111HRF   $17.00

Designer Inspired Handbag has embellished letters, top zipper closure, and a double handle. Made of faux leather.
AMERICAN Handbag Trendy Handbag Has Embellished....
Item# K6111   $10.00

I Love Lucy Bucket Bag with zipper. Made with PU (polyurethane) with double handle.
I Love Lucy Bucket Bag I Love Lucy Bucket Bag With Zi....
Item# HB-111DB   $16.00

Betty Boop PVC Bucket Bag made with PU(polyurethane). With magnetic closure and double handle.
Betty Boop Bucket Bag Betty Boop Pvc Bucket Bag Made....
Item# HB-2033PB   $16.00

Designer Inspired PVC Handbag
Shoulder Bag Trendy Pvc Handbag....
Item# BBM2860   $13.00

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