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Betty Boop Licensed Handbags

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Betty Boop, the cartoon icon of the 1930s to 1950s has made a spectacular resurgence in the last few years to become one of the most stylist animated icon. At Mokahandbags.com, we offer a large collection of Betty Boop merchandize, handbags, purses, wallets, coin purses, etc. This collection of Betty Boop handbags, purses, messenger bags, etc is licensed. These handbags and purses come in different styles, shapes and sizes to fit your style needs. We are sure you will love these handbags for their quality, value and the fashion statement they make.
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Nylon Betty Boop Puppy Hobo
Betty Boop Hobo Nylon Betty Boop Puppy Hobo....
Item# 2023-PUPPYSTONE   $10.00

Betty Boop comic 4way zip bag
Betty Boop Comic 4way Zip Bag....
Item# S-4021A   $11.00

Betty Boop flames large tote
Betty Boop Flames Large Tote....
Item# S-4022B   $11.00

Betty Boop Small Wallet
Betty Boop Small Wallet....
Item# W-2272-1   $6.00

Betty Boop 2-piece Cosmetic Bag Gift Set
Betty Boop 2-piece Cosmetic Ba....
Item# 3021-FILM   $10.00

Betty Boop Large Pink Heart Back-pack
Betty Boop Back-Pack Betty Boop Large Pink Heart Ba....
Item# BS-02HEART   $15.00

Betty Boop Large Film Backpack
Betty Boop Back-Pack Betty Boop Large Film Backpack....
Item# BS-02FILM   $15.00

Betty Boop Large Cheerleader Back-pack
Betty Boop Large Cheerleader B....
Item# BS-02CHEER   $15.00

Betty Boop Small Cheerleader B
Betty Boop Small Cheerleader B....
Item# BS-03   $8.00

Betty Boop Soft Lunch case
Betty Boop Lunch Case Betty Boop Soft Lunch Case....
Item# BS-12   $8.00

Betty Boop cheer leader back-pack
Betty Boop Back-Pack Betty Boop Cheer Leader Back-p....
Item# BS-01   $15.00

Betty Boop small Ladies Wallet
Betty Boop Small Ladies Wallet....
Item# 101-VEGAS   $5.00

PVC wallet with Betty Biker
Betty Boop wallet Pvc Wallet With Betty Biker....
Item# W2197PB   $7.00

Denim Pouch Bag with Betty face
Betty Boop Cosmetic Bag Denim Pouch Bag With Betty Fac....
Item# SB-2190DD   $6.00

Betty Boop American Tradition check book wallet
Betty Boop wallet Betty Boop American Tradition ....
Item# BBMS-2001   $7.50

Betty Boop American Tradition Wallet. Made with fabric.
Betty Boop American Tradition Wallet Betty Boop American Tradition ....
Item# BBMS-2003   $6.00

Wallet Microfiber Betty Head
Betty Boop Head on Black Wallet Wallet Microfiber Betty Head....
Item# W-2041M   $7.00

Wallet PVC Black Betty Head
Betty Boop Head on Black PVC Wallet Wallet Pvc Black Betty Head....
Item# W-2042PB   $6.00

Betty Boop coin purse with zipper and made from fabric.
Betty Boop Coin Purse Betty Boop Coin Purse With Zip....
Item# 104   $2.50

Sporty bag for anyone on the g
Betty Film Backpack Sporty Bag For Anyone On The G....
Item# 3020FILM   $13.00

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