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Frequently Asked Questions

Item Availability

1. Are all the bags that I ordered guaranteed to be available when you process my order?
Mokahandbags.com is a wholesale company that is designed for the re-seller that is purchasing to stock and display inventory. We service re-sellers (retailers) that purchase in volume. NO PERSONAL ORDERS.

Your order is processed in the order it is received.

Our items come and go from inventory very quickly.


Because of the large volume of orders we receive on a daily basis...there is the possibility that some items from your order may sell out and not be available by the time we pull your order off the shelf.

Due to our large daily order load AND in an effort to ship all customers items as fast as possible...we are not able to call or email customers if something is unavailable from your respective order.

We simply ship what is available and only charge for what we send.

You will receive a detailed package slip with your order that will show what was sent. Shipping is then based on the weight of what is actually in the box, size of box and address we are shipping to.


We do not substitute (unless we are requested to do so). If for any reason you receive an incorrect item, please notify us immediately on how to return. If this happens, it could be the result of a warehouse or communication mix-up (we do not intentionally substitute items).